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Blue Dude

December 1, 2016

There are these cool old fashioned cars on the trail near our place.  Before the snow fell I wanted to grab a couple photos near one of them.  This coat is so fun with the bright blue faux trim.

Coat: Flight Boutique

Jean: J Band, here 

Boots: Matisse, here 

Photographer: Jen Fairchild


Soaking up the Yard

October 25, 2016

HELLO!!! Where have I been?

I took a little hiatus. I was sick and knocked out for a week straight.  The only comfort I found was either in the bath, with a towel over my head or slurping soup.  Being sick and run down couldn’t have come at a worse time! William and I spontaneously decided to move into our Old Town house, leaving us frantically trying to get things in check.

Two years ago we bought a little mining shack and have had tenants in there ever since. We bought the home knowing we would remodel it in the future for many reasons but mainly because the home is still on a dirt foundation and feels like a full-on fun house by all the warping and bowing going on. The home was built in the 1800s and needs a lot of love. With it falling under the Park City Historic Homes category, we will have to patiently work with the city to get any plans done. With the current tenants all moving out this month, we thought what better time to live there and work with architects and contractors to see what potential this cute home has. In a nutshell this October turned a little more stressful than I had imagined.

Here Bjorn and I am soaking up these last 7 days in the yard before we will be without the comforts of a fenced in yard.jenfairchild-photography-lindsey-2563jenfairchild-photography-lindsey-2565jenfairchild-photography-lindsey-2577jenfairchild-photography-lindsey-2579jenfairchild-photography-lindsey-2594jenfairchild-photography-lindsey-2601jenfairchild-photography-lindsey-2628jenfairchild-photography-lindsey-2635jenfairchild-photography-lindsey-2637jenfairchild-photography-lindsey-2643jenfairchild-photography-lindsey-2647jenfairchild-photography-lindsey-2650Shop links below:

Wearing all ASOS

Hat: Brixton 

Layered Top: River Island

Jeans: Missguided

Photographer: Jen Fairchild